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Arguably the Best Durians in Singapore

Why are our Durians so Good?

Durians are tricky to grow and harvest. Many factors play a vital role into ensuring your first bite is an amazing one. 

It is common for durian stores to market Mao Shan Wang Durians but deliver or provide something else.

Our durians from Pahang, Malaysia, is home to the best Durians in the World. Learn how to tell between real and fake, and the reason to why we can can make promises no one else can. 

our cutting edge process how to tell msw

The 8 Durian Difference

In an industry ovewhelmed by scams, here is how you can protect yourself with 8 Durian

Private Owned High Mountain Plantation


For years, we’ve looked for the best plantations to source from and get our supply from them to provide the best.

60 Minute Delivery


Enjoy the freshest of the best quality delivered to your door step within the hour. Free delivery for purchases above $100.

Affordably Priced


We’re against cutting corners for profit. Our goal is to share our critically acclaimed durians and we guarantee the best prices.

Trusted by 10,000 and Counting


Singapore’s favourite choice for top quality AAA grade premium durians.

Verified Reviews


Real reviews by renowned food critics. Tested for your ultimate assurance.

100% Real Photography


We perform studio photography, but we also have tons of live taken review images.


Voted #1 by You!

We thank you for your continued support. 8 Durian has been voted the ‘Best Durian Delivery in Singapore 2019‘ by Best in Singapore Blog. 

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The 8 Durian Promise

Should we be late… Or send lousy durians…

Replacement or Full Refund

To us, durians that are not fresh and great are fit for the bin. We do not sell them. Should you have received something that isn’t to our expectations (including a late delivery), allow us to provide you a replacement or full refund via store credits!

replacement guarantee

Eating Durians Should ALWAYS be Desirable

The Problems and Solutions to Enjoying Durians

Long Queues


1 Hour Delivery to the Rescue


We’ll never get why durian stores take joy in watching their loyal customers suffer. It is common to see them post images of their queues on their social media platforms. The worst part is when the seller isn’t reputable!

Empty Husks or Watery Flesh


Open the Husk


Always get them to open the husk. If you’re happy with what you see, be sure to also consume your durians immediately as they tend to decompose at a quick rate when exposed to the atmosphere.

Rude Sellers


Buy Only with Replacement Guarantee


Buying your durians online allows you to pick and choose, and buy from a seller that has the full package – great reviews, amazing pictures, a good range, affordable price point, and also, stellar customer service!

Our Story

Changing the Industry, One Durian at a Time

We are a team of durian enthusiasts who literally know everything there is to know. We are that annoying friend of yours who tells you the durian that you are currently consuming is of a low grade!

For decades, we have seen durian sellers and online durian delivery services get away with disguising ordinary Grade C durians as premium Mao Shan Wang Durians. On top of that, we have realised that the high demand of durians have resulted in durian sellers not addressing key quality and operational issues to improve customer experience.

We decided that this should stop. A good durian makes a happy human, and it is our main mission to create smiles island-wide, one Durian at a time. We urge you to give us a shot, to the real deal you’ve been missing out on this whole time.

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