About Us

Hailing from the food and beverage industry in Singapore, we were also avid durian enthusiasts. We looked forward to every durian season, and we would literally travel to the ends of the World to find a good durian. Over the decades, we have learnt a lot about this majestic fruit. We have gained so much knowledge and hands on skill that we truly believe we know everything there is to know about durians – whether it is how to grow them, select them, or even eat them.

Through the years, we realised a huge problem that no one was willing to fix. Being experts in the food trade in Singapore, we decided to take matters into our own hands with a big investment. The mission? To fix the durian industry in Singapore. The vision? To ensure that every Singaporean household has access to genuine and authentic Mao Shan Wang durians.

Scams, Misrepresentation, Over-Pricing

We acknowledged first the major problem. There was a huge lack in supply of premium and authentic Mao Shan Wang. Whenever a new species of durian emerged, all durian sellers would rush to proclaim that what they were selling was it. It took customers to spend a good amount of hard earned money to realise that they were all the same. 

Our experience led us to a plantation in the high and mountainous regions of Pahang. It was not easy to find such land, and we have to say that we were lucky to do so. Today, we are so proud to say that we are one of the very few sellers in Singapore to be the providers of premium grade AAA Mao Shan Wang and Black Gold Durians.

We acknowledge that our prices may seem to be higher than others. But, we have studied to learn that this is the far lowest that we can go. We could only imagine the type of profits other sellers were reaping by selling at prices just below us, and providing inferior durians for sale.


Long Queues, Lack of Reliable Delivery Options

It was also clear to us that good durians required a long wait time. We have queued up to 8 hours to get our hands on good local durians before. We felt that it was sad that customers had to go through such a bittersweet experience. Thankfully, our existing efficient logistic systems and existing food order volume from other businesses could be used to process and deliver durians under 60 minutes. This means that unlike other sellers, we are able to deliver you fresh durians the same day that they were plucked!


Loved by Thousands

As we continued to grow, we always make it a point to never become greedy, to only sell what we have. We discard durians that are not graded as AAA by our graders, or use them to sell as a frozen option, or for other partners to make pastries with. We are always thankful to our supporters and we vow to always work hard to increase our supply. We are also constantly working on new solutions to providing you with more species of quality durians.