Our Delivery Process

From Pahang to to us in 8 hours.

From us to you in 60 minutes.


Consume Farm Fresh Durians in the Comfort of Your Home

It is common knowledge that most durian retailers sell durians that are at least a day old. If you are lucky to purchase durians from them on the day of their shipment, you might just get same day freshly plucked durians. To be as economical and profitable as possible, they send out older durians first, and keep the newer ones for the next day.

We’re fortunate to have made a name for ourselves and develop such a strong following. Our shipments arrive twice daily, and they are literally cleared within less than 3 hours. This means, you get your durians freshly plucked from the plantations, to your home, all in less than 12 hours. As durian enthusiasts ourselves, we know that this is more than ideal.


Our Plantation, Our Family of Workers, Our Drivers

Those who know us would also know that we have our own private plantation. Our workers have been trained well and are some of the most experienced durian farmers and handlers not only in Pahang, but the entire Malaysia. Our systematic approach to harvesting durians allow us to quickly discard the bad ones, and quickly gather into delivery baskets the ones that meet our high expectations.

We have also learnt that relying on transport companies can lead to undesirable outcomes that are not within our control. With an operational system solely controlled by us, we can ensure this efficiency of speed. Having to work with too many partners means that speed and reliability may sometimes be compromised. Our team was built with the vision of top quality and top speed.


0% Wastage, 0% Unfresh Durians

Being blessed with our volume, we always clear out our durians on a daily basis. In the event that we do not, we sell them as frozen durians at a much cheaper price. That being said, do not all durians are chilled slightly for quality assurance. 


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