D13 Red Prawn – ‘AAA’ Grade 20 Years Tree


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Fresh Large Shipments, from Our Durian Plantation, Arrives on 15 July for Same Day Delivery!

Each box contains 450 +/- 10 grams of wholesome durian flesh and seeds. The flesh to weight to whole durian husk ratio is appoximately 20% which thicker and denser husks, therefore, every package of heat sealed 400-450 grams of durian comes from 2-2.2kg of whole durian.


Johor, Malaysia

Udang Merah, D13

Price per Packaging

Price: $17.00/kg.

Packaging: 450 grams (+/- 10 grams) per heat sealed box.

Yield: Each pack of 450 grams of durian flesh comes from 2-2.2kg of whole durian

Durians may arrive slightly chilled for quality guaranteed assurance.

Premium Qualities

  • Well rounded husk
  • Farmed in non overcrowded plantation, ensuring you well hydrated durians with a perfect shape of green
  • Not overly watery(less fibrous nature of D13)
  • Creamy and Sweet
  • Predominantly mini and large seeds(natural)
  • Freshly plucked from old trees (20 years old onwards)
  • Durians dropped to the ground are never used

Replacement Guarantee

  • Full refund via store credits or,
  • Re-delivery for unripe/sour durians

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