Replacement Guarantee


You’ve probably seen this all over our It is something we take very seriously because we have made a vow to all customers to deliver only top quality durians. We are durian lovers and enthusiasts ourselves, and take great pride in these durians that we grow ourselves in our private plantations.


Our Promise

100% replacement guarantee or full refund via store credits for unsatisfactory deliveries.


What Qualifies for a Refund or Replacement?

Late delivery for more than 1 hour

Watery durians.

Frozen Durians when fresh durians were ordered.

Weight of package deviating more than 50 grams

All of the above must be supported with photographic evidence. 


What DOES NOT Qualify for a Refund or Replacement?

Complaints about chilled durians. We chill the durians upon arrival to maintain its quality while we chop and package them to send out to you. All durians are freshly plucked in our plantation, delivered to our processing space in Singapore, chopped, packed, and delivered to you.


How do i make a claim?

Visit our disputes page and we will respond to you as soon as we can.


With such a promise, and so many verified reviews, you’d know by now, our durians are worth a try.

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